Emma was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia and had her first surgery at 4 weeks old to help prolong transplant. This unfortunately didn't help her and she was added to the list for a liver transplant. After 7 months, we got the call on January 4th that a liver had become available for Emma. During our wait, we were blessed with such amazing support from family, friends and others like the RB Foundation who reached out to care for Emma and our family financially to help with the costs associated with her care before, during and after transplant. It has been 8 months since Emma's transplant and she is doing amazing. Her liver functions continue to be elevated a bit out of the normal range but they are letting her body work it out on her own for now. You would NEVER know that this little girl had a liver transplant. She is truly a force, she is non-stop, has a million words, climbs on everything, bosses us all around and is incredibly happy. What overwhelming generosity that the RB Foundation has given us, we are so grateful for you and others like you that are helping us take care of this little girl.

Foundations like yours are near and dear to my heart. It seems less than 1% of the population decides to stop to notice there are individuals and families in need all around us. Families and friends like yours take the time and make the effort to help those who are less fortunate. Keep up the good work!

James F

I can’t thank you enough for your incredibly generous donation you just gave to our teammate, roommate, and friend Tom. You once told me your Foundation does great things for those in need and you certainly just proved it. The compassion you, Chrissy, and your Foundation have shown is inspiring. Thank you very much.

We would like to personally thank the RB Foundation for the support extended to our family during our daughter Nikki's medical crisis. The funds and support we received were instrumental to assist our family to help us fight against PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal) and everything that goes along with it. The funds and support we received were very helpful and needed for our cause. Our daughter has been making steady progress on the road to walking and talking again. We want to thank the RB Foundation for joining us in this fight. Thank you very much and Go Nikki Terry!!

WOW! That’s all I can say… Rob and Chrissy and everyone at the Foundation are wonderful. The foundation has supported the Wagner family, even though they don’t have kids in the hockey program. Rob and Chrissy heard about Ed and his family through a few women I skate with at the WAWHL and they reached out to help.

My friend Carol Wagner was diagnosed with Melanoma after a long hard fought battle Carol succumbed to her cancer. Carol past away the Thursday before Christmas; the services were put off due to the holidays, as Carol and Ed have young children. The services were held Saturday after Christmas, within two hours after the services the Wagner family’s home burnt to the ground. Ed was able to get everyone out including Carol’s elderly mom, who lived with them. The Family spent a couple weeks with me until they found housing. Within a week Carol’s mom past away, the kids have lost everything…their mom, house and grandmother… After speaking with a few friends they thought they would try to replace a few of the Christmas presents they lost. That being said The RB Foundation stepped in.

The unbelievable support we have all received is truly amazing…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The RB Hockey Camp not only was a great experience for pure hockey/goalie training, but meeting the Barletta's and witnessing their supportive, encouraging approach towards the players made the summer session so much more rewarding. It was also there that I learned about their RB Foundation…and I was excited at its similarities to my charity. So, when I spoke to them about Shutouts For Kids, it was only a matter of time before they pledged their support. I cannot thank the Barletta’s & the RB Foundation enough for their assistance…not just for me as a hockey player, but also as simply a kid trying to help other kids.

Thank you to the Rob Barletta Foundation for their support of the Crook family in their time of need. Marnie Kelly-Crook was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer over a year ago. The Crooks have two young sons. The donation helped to ease the financial burden on the Crook family during this very difficult time.

I would like to start out by just saying a couple of words, "Thank you". In 2011 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. As a parent, you try to give your children everything you can and you make many sacrifices for them. This year it was impossible to do. After many car problems, buying a home, and now the unbelievable medical expenses, I did not know what to do about my son's hockey season. I could not afford to let him play. The cost of everything was just to much for a single parent. I was told about the RB Foundation. The foundation had scholarships that I could apply for that would help with the cost of this year’s hockey tuition. I was so grateful when I received a letter saying my son had been awarded a scholarship. To me that was better than any news any doctor could give because this meant he could continue enjoy his passion. My son had an awesome season and I got to see him smile every time he placed his feet on the ice, to me that is "priceless". Thank you RB Foundation for giving a family in a time of need the financial help that was truly needed.

I am writing this to express my thanks to the RB Foundation for their help with my daughter’s tuition. Without their help and support my daughter would not have been able to play hockey this past season. We had just moved to the area for my work, meaning my daughter was going through a lot of changes all at once. I was hoping hockey could be the one constant she would be able to have, especially as she loves the sport so much, and I am strong believer in the many benefits of participating in a team sport.

Having just starting a new job, and taking on the cost of a move (among other things), finances were very tight. But, the Foundation came through for us! My daughter was not only able to continue to play a sport she truly loves; she was also given the opportunity to make many new friends. We are very grateful to the Foundation for their assistance with tuition during a time of great change, and of financial struggle, for both my daughter and myself. I cannot thank you enough!

My boys were able to play their favorite sport and keep their minds at peace those few hours they played hockey all due to your foundation!

I just wanted to reach out to RB Hockey and staff to say thank you for this past year’s scholarship for my two children. Like I told you before, all my kids talk about is being at the rink 10 months a year. I couldn't imagine having to put them somewhere else to skate because of the tough times in the past few years. Please thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your generous donation to my race and more importantly to Christopher's Haven. I know the families of Christopher's Haven will be grateful for your generosity. Thank you for your support!

Thanks to your foundation my sons were able to continue playing the sport they love -hockey! When one of our children was diagnosed with a life threatening diagnosis of cancer, we had to put all of our finances towards finding the best cure for a recovery. At the same time my sons wanted to continue playing hockey but it was just not feasible to add that cost into our hefty medical bills. One day we received a call from Rob that the boys had received a scholarship so they could continue playing their favorite sport. Not only was it a huge financial gift but it was an emotional gift! The boys now could be with their "hockey" family and focus on playing the sport. Having a cancer diagnosis in the family can make children grow up faster than we want them to so it also gave them back some of their childhood. As parents we were able to go back to a "normal" life a few hours a week as we watched their teams play and compete. To see their smiles as they walked up the stairs after a game was so heartwarming and we are forever grateful to Rob and Chrissy for their gift!

Our third child, our daughter Sydney, was born with an extremely rare (1 in 1 million births) condition known as a full tibial hemmemilia.  In essence, it is a condition in which she was born without a tibia and associated tissues in her left leg.  Her leg was curled up and bent in such a manner that her foot was behind her right leg and her leg could not be extended beyond about 90 degrees (parallel to the ground).  Additionally, her club foot bent inwards was also not under the single, malformed fibula, but rather, was moved in and up alongside the bone, about an inch higher than it should have been had her existing ankle bones been under the bone as normal. 

Local doctors determined after exploratory surgery that the knee joint would never functionally perform and recommended amputation at the knee.  This diagnosis was confirmed by doctors at Johns Hopkins, Pittsburgh Children's, Boston Children's, and Shriner's hospitals.  In essence, the condition was so rare and often not even diagnosed properly, that there was little data or evidence that supported and successful procedures to save her leg.  An amputation date was set for December 17th, when she would have been 7 months old.

Then, in November, Dr Jamie Kuhn came to my store.  Jamie might not be the best men's league goalie, but he is a brilliant orthopedic surgeon and is Maine's reconstructive and lengthening specialist. He had done some research on our behalf and contacted Dr. Dror Paley on our behalf.  Jamie had worked with Dr Paley some 12 years earlier and strongly felt that we should see him.  Dr Paley had recently established the Paley Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We met with in late November of 2102 and he shared that he has in the past 3-4 years developed a technique that believed could reconstruct Sydney's lower leg such that it will perform better than a prosthetic without any long term pain or complications.

And so, we postponed amputation and arrived at the Paley Institute in May when Sydney turned 1.  Sydney underwent 3 surgeries from May through October of last summer and daily, painful physical therapy.  My wife Meredith and I took turns living in Florida with Sydney while the other stayed in Maine with our then 5 and 3 year old son and daughter.  Though our health insurance covered a great deal (but not all) of her medical expenses, the costs of maintaining a second household and all of the travel and related expenses mounted quickly.  However, as word spread through the local hockey community, a fundraising effort was organized by the families of the boys I coached as the Head Coach of the Falmouth HS boys team for the prior 13 years.  Every Christmas for 30 years, I watched "It's A Wonderful Life". In October of this past year, I learned what it feels like to be George Bailey as friends in the hockey community, to include the Barletta Foundation, helped my daughter and family in our time of need to assist us with the expenses we could no longer afford.

Today, Sydney is in a walking brace and at 22 months old, has begun to take her first awkward steps.  She has a fused ankle and will always need a brace for lateral stability, but she stands with her own leg.  It will be months before she will have the leg strength to walk unassisted and she still has several surgeries and therapy, most notably our return to Florida for the summer of 2014 to undergo lengthening some 3-4 centimeters of her short, lower leg bone.  However, her long term prognosis is positive that she will live a normal, active life walking on her own leg.

Scott Rousseau


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