Who We've Helped: Levi Whitcomb

Levi Whitcomb

Levi Whitcomb is a 9 year old boy who was a hockey goalie. He was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Doctors were able to remove most of it, but not all of it. He has been undergoing aggressive proton radiation therapy. He spent a long time in Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. Due to the tumor and surgery, Levi lost hearing in his left ear, facial muscle control due to nerve damage and was unable to walk or speak. He has 5 siblings and mom left work to care for him around the clock. The family came to last years gala. We also just purchased two gym mats for him to use at home during his physical therapy sessions.

1/27/17 UPDATE: Levi is doing well. His MRI's have indicated that the cancer is not active right now. Levi recently received his new hearing aids-- bright red on one side and Bruins colors on the other, but Levi likes the colors. He's starting growth hormone therapy and will hopefully get back into physical therapy in the next few weeks. He still has a lot of physical challenges, but is progessing slowly and surely.


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