Who We've Helped: Khlare Family

RB Foundation President Bryar Hasenjaeger, Rich Khlare, RB Foundation Rob Barletta, Curt Rodman

While running a 5K road race with her son Jennifer Khlare suffered a massive brain hemorrhage which left her unconscious and fighting for her life. She was able to beat the less then 5% odds of chance of living and received treatment at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown Ma. until her insurance ran out. She was moved to an acute care home in Sterling, MA. until once again her insurance ran out. Jennifer had to undergo a special eye surgery at Mass Eye and Ear to help restore some of her vision. Jennifer is at home working hard to recover. Her husband Rich is her sole care taker and advocate. He is doing an amazing job.


RB Foundation has helped numberous families over the years.

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